Nursery-8th Grade
High School:
9th-12th Grades
College Level:
for 9th Graders and Up
Angelicum Homeschool Program:

English Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics,
English Roots, Handwriting, Literature
(The Good Books), History, Math, Science,
Geography, Foreign Language, Music, Art

Optional Online Courses:

Religion (1st-8th); Philosophy for Children (3rd-6th; Ethics 7th; Logic 8th); Socratic Discussions (Dialectics; 3rd-8th)
Angelicum Homeschool Program:
Algebra I & II, Geometry, Advanced Math, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics,
English, Geography, History, Rhetoric

Optional Online Courses
Religion (9th-12th);
Ethics(7th and up); Socratic Logic(8th and Up);
Essay & Composition (8th and Up); Theology Online* (4 courses; 11th-12th and up).
Great Books Program* (live; 9th-12th and up; select 1 of 3 “tracks”)
The Greats Honors Program
Includes the Great Courses Plus – all online:
Algebra I & II, Geometry, Pre-calculus and Trigonometry, Biology,
Chemistry, Physics, Grammar, Sentences, Essays, Rhetoric, Foreign Language, Music, Arts, Ethics, Logic;
and Theology Online* (4 courses:11th-Up) and Includes the Great Books Program*
(live; 9th-12th and up; select 1 of 3 “tracks”). *College and AA Great Books tracks and Theology Online
recommended for college credit
Green indicates Home Study (not online). Blue indicates online courses. Both the Secondary & Tertiary levels are open to 9th Graders and Up.

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Philosophy for Children

Socratic Discussions

Essay & Composition Course

Great Books Program

Degree Programs

Theology Online