Great Books Program students all need to know how to write a well-reasoned, coherent essay. This course introduces students to the art of defining a topic, doing high-quality research with limited resources, and writing an engaging and solid college-level paper.

Academic Writing from the Ground Up: From Grammar and Composition to Writing Great Essays. The course will start with establishing good writing habits in the context of five paragraph essays: the Swiss Army Knife of academic essays. The course will progress through building multiple types of essays and establishing a good personal style. We will also cover writing research papers, with an emphasis on identifying and locating good sources and avoiding plagiarism. The final section of the course will be a review of great essay writers like Sheen, Chesterton, and Shelley with an emphasis on literary criticism and recognizing quality writing.
Kara Heyne has taught English literature and writing for over a decade with online programs. Her BA in English from the University of Dallas (’05) was only the beginning of her love of writing. She was slated to graduate with an MA in English from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in spring of 2020, but that was delayed due to the extended quarantine. She currently has one published book (The Locket’s Secret) with a sequel released on Easter Monday (The World’s a Stage). She has eight homeschooled children and in her free time she plays with Shakespeare, creating scripts derived from the Bard for younger children to perform, as well as novels based on the classic plays. 
Classes start on Thursday, September 3, 2020 

Classes are 8-9AM PST (11AM-12PM EST) Thursdays

Class is open to all students 13 years and up.

$495 per year (30 classes)

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