Enrollment Tuition Chart 2019-2020Annual Tuition10 Monthly Payments Annual Tuition with Payment in Full 5% Discount*Annual Tuition for Siblings* (30% Discount)10 Payments
w/Family 30% Discount
Payment in Full (5% Discount) with Family 30% Discount
Homeschool Program www.academybookstore.org
Grades Nursery-K$50n/an/an/an/a
Grades 1st-12th $225n/an/an/an/a
Greats Honors Program*$950$95$900$670$67$635
Great Books Program
High School Track$995$99.50$945$699$69$661
College Credit Track$2995$299.50$2,845$2096$210$1991
Associate's Degree Track $3500$350.00$3,325 $2450$245$2327
Socratic Discussions
3rd & 4th Grades$445$44.50$425$311$31$295
5th & 6th Grades$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
7th & 8th Grades$595$59.50$565$416$41$396
Grades 3-6 for Children$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Ethics (Any Grade 7-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Socratic Logic (Any Grade 8-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Writing & Composition (Any Grade 8-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Greek Language*
Greek I$1200$120$1140$840$84$798
Greek II / Readings$1200$120$1140$840$84$798
Latin Language*
Latin I$1200$120$1140$840$84$798
Latin Readings$1200$120$1140$840$84$798
Some of the figures above vary a little due to rounding.

Our family discount of 30% off the full tuition price for siblings after the first, is one of the the most generous in education. It is applicable to all siblings after the first. The “first” sibling refers to the highest-tuition sibling (usually the oldest).