Consistent with Catholic social teachings, the Angelicum Great Books Program offers a generous 50% family tuition discount, as follows: All students from one family*, after one enrollee, receive a 50% tuition discount for the Angelicum Great Books Program, and any other Angelicum Academy tuition, for any other students enrolled from that same family.  Yes, this discount may be combined with any other discounts that may be offered unless specifically excluded.

The highest tuition for any student from the same family will be the one not discounted. If the student in the highest tuition class must withdraw or is removed from the class for any reason prior to completion of tuition payment for that class, the discount provided the student with the next highest tuition will be revoked at that time; full tuition would be in effect from that point on for the student to remain in his class.

Because of the complexity of programming for discounts, please simply enroll, charge the full amount at checkout and email us for the discount.  We will mail you a check for the difference (i.e., the discounted amount).  So please include your name and mailing address.  If you are unsure how this works, please do not hesitate to email us for any needed clarifications.

* this refers to any siblings related by blood or legal adoption