Great Books Program

All classes are two hours in length. Pacific Standard Times shown below–add three hours for Eastern Standard Time. [Perth WA, Australia is 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time, e.g., 4PM PST Thursday = 7AM Perth AWST Friday]

TUESDAY 9:00 a.m. Ancient Greeks 12:00 p.m. Middle Ages 4:00 p.m. Moderns
WEDNESDAY 9:00 a.m. Middle Ages 12:00 p.m. Ancient Greeks 4:00 p.m. Middle Ages
THURSDAY 9:00 a.m Moderns 12:00 p.m. Ancient Romans 4:00 p.m. Ancient Greeks
4:00 PM Ancient Romans
FRIDAY 9:00 am Ancient Romans 12:00 p.m. Ancient Greeks
1st Day of Great Books ClassesSeptember 1-7, 2016
1st Day of Philosophy for Children ClassesSeptember 2
Labor Day (no classes)September 5
1st Socratic Discussion ClassesSeptember 12
Thanksgiving HolidayNovember 24 & 25
Last Great Books Class Days, 1st Semester December 13-16
Last Philosophy for Children Class, 1st SemesterDecember 16
Last Socratic Class, 1st SemesterDecember 19
Great Books Orals Exams, 1st SemesterDecember 12-22
2017 Academic Calendar
1st Great Books Classes, 2nd SemesterJanuary 17-20
1st Class Philosophy for Children, 2nd SemesterJanuary 20
1st Day Socratic Classes, 2nd SemesterJanuary 23
President's Day - No Socratic Classes February 20
Spring BreakApril 8-16
Last Great Books Class Days - 2nd SemesterMay 2-5
Last Class Philosophy Children 2nd SemesterMay 5
Last Socratic Classes, 2nd SemesterMay 15
Great Books Orals Exams, 2nd SemesterMay 8-19