Banner_Portal-Angelicum_940x132In order to receive your transcript from the Angelicum Academy, please fill out the form below and email or mail it to us.  We will complete the transcript and mail or email it back to you.  Please allow at least two weeks for the transcript to be returned to you and/or the college of your choice.

Official Angelicum High School Transcript Request Form

Date: __________________

Student’s Name:


Student’s Address:



Student’s Date of Birth: ________________________

I am requesting a transcript for the year(s)__________to _________.

The following papers MUST accompany this transcript request form.

I have included the following documents:

1. Official Angelicum High School Transcript Request Form (properly filled out).

2. Report cards sent to me from the Angelicum Academy (high school only).

3. Report cards sent to me from any high school other than Angelicum.

4. Official ACT/SAT scores (if any)

5. Any extra curricula courses taken that you would like on the transcript (i.e. music lessons, sports, etc.)

6. List of colleges/universities (with addresses) to send my transcript(s).

Mail all of the above documents to:
Angelicum Academy
PO Box 25777
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

I understand it is my responsibility to submit these documents to the Angelicum Academy in order for my official high school transcript to be complete. Thank you.

Signature of Parent(s) or Student:__________________________________

Please allow two weeks to process the transcript.

All documents may also be scanned and emailed to

There is no fee for this service from the Angelicum Academy. For any questions, please email Dr. Elisabeth Carmack at the email above. Thank you!