Schools and Co-ops

No two Great Books associated schools or co-ops are expected to be exactly alike, everything said on the subject should be taken as suggestive or illustrative of general principles. Our recommendation is not a monolithic program to be adopted uniformly everywhere without any flexibility. However our model does insist, for its validity, on the presence in all such schools and co-ops on establishing the three modes of learning and teaching equally insisted upon by Dr. Adler in said books: the acquisition of organized knowledge through didactic instruction and elementary-level textbooks; the development of intellectual skills (i.e., the liberal arts) through coaching and supervised practice; and an enlarged understanding of ideas and moral values through Socratic questioning and active participation by students, using the original texts – the Great Books – as the centerpiece of such reforms.  The precise way in which that is to be accomplished will be determined by the Board and faculty of each such school or co-op.

Parents interested in forming a Great Books-oriented school or co-op in Association with the Angelicum Academy, should please contact our Director of Schools and Co-ops, Mr. Tom Orr, who will put you in contact with folks in your locale. Here are localities from which we have already received interest (we will update this list periodically so let us know if you want your location posted):

Arlington, VA

Boston, MA

Houston, TX

New York, NY

Phoenix, AZ

Marshall, MN

San Jose, CA

Santa Clara, CA

Virginia Beach, VA

Great Books Association of Schools & Co-ops – Angelicum Academy

Thomas “Tom” R. Orr