Welcome to the Angelicum Academy – Celebrating Our 21st Year!

Welcome to the Angelicum Academy! Angelicum is a Latin reference to the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas. Founded in 2000 A.D., and formally approved by the Church, we offer a complete homeschool curriculum for grades N-12, and online classes starting in 3rd grade.

We also offer an entirely online homeschool program for grades 9-12—the Greats Honors Program—for any students who prefer an online approach. We use lectures by professors all around the world through the Great Courses Plus, paired with online tutors for each subject.

Additionally, all students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to enroll in the Great Books Program. Each week, students and two of our moderators meet online for a live, two-hour discussion of the Great Books reading. This four-year program may be taken for high school credit, college credit, or as part of our A.A. Degree Program wherein students earn their A.A. degree by 12th grade.


Angelicum at a Glance – We Offer Four Unique Programs

Angelicum Academy Homeschool Program–Complete for home study, nursery through 12th grade.  Includes: Art, English Language Arts (Grammar and Composition, Handwriting, Phonics, English Roots, Spelling, Vocabulary), Geography, Greek, History, Latin, Math, Religion, Rhetoric, and Science

Individual Online Courses Offered: Religion (1st -8th), Socratic Discussions (3rd-8th), Philosophy for Children (3rd-6th), Classical Greek & Latin (5th and Up), Ethics (7th & up), Logic (8th & up), Writing and Composition (8th & up) – these are all live, except Religion is recorded.

The Greats Honors Program  for all students grades 9-12 who prefer an entirely online curriculum. Includes online The Great Courses Plus™  in: Art, History, Language Arts, Philosophy, Latin & Greek, Science, Math, Music, Theology; with live, individual mentoring and subject-area tutorials.

The Great Books Program-for all students 9th grade and up; four years are available; classes meet online weekly for a live, two-hour, Socratic discussion of the Great Books reading, with two Angelicum Moderators. These courses may be taken for high school and/or college credit. Students may earn their accredited Associate’s (A.A.)  degree by 12th grade.

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COURSES OFFERED BY THE ANGELICUM ACADEMY[Course grade levels are indicated beneath the courses]

Angelicum was founded in 1999

Angelicum Students at our Great Books Summer Program ~ July, 2019

Colorado Springs, Colorado

What Our Parents Are Saying

You’ve been so prompt and helpful — I really appreciate it! Great Books has provided an amazing education for my children to teach them to think critically and wisely about life and prepare them for adulthood. Joseph will be heading to seminary next month with such a wonderful, solid foundation! God bless you and everyone at Angelicum Academy!
– Pam Z.
Thank you so much for another great year! Our oldest graduated this year, and I can’t say enough how thankful we are for Angelicum Academy providing this course to help us expose him to all the fantastic reading and writing challenges, along with good & thought-provoking discussions. We truly see how he has grown and matured over these past 4 years, which we credit in great part to Angelicum due to the excellent materials and coordinators of this program. Hopefully, Providence will allow our other 2 children to complete the program over the next 2-3 years. Thank you for all your time and efforts.
– Lynette
I also wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you taught me during my years of doing the Great Books Program. I realise more and more each day how invaluable a part of my education it was, and I thank God for the wonderful people, including yourself, who took the time and care to help me develop a greater understanding of, and appreciation for Western tradition. Kind Regards, Francesca McGinnity from Western Australia
Francesca McGinnity
“Whitney is doing really well! She is completing a Master’s Degree in Theology and hopes to go on to get a PhD, then teach Theology at a college or university. She is also discerning a religious vocation. She still talks about the Great Books classes as being one of the best things she has ever done, how the classes (and you teachers) really taught her how to think, and how they exposed her to the great thinkers and literary works. Her time in your classes was a great blessing. Thank you!! She will always be grateful (and we will always be grateful)! She hopes to be able to teach some future classes using the Socratic Method someday! She loved it! God bless you and God bless the work you are doing. It is invaluable.”
- Mary