Welcome to the Angelicum Academy, homeschool and online programs. I am Dr. Verónica Gutiérrez de Barrera and I am a historian of Latin American history with almost 20 years of experience teaching at the university level. I am also a tutor at the Academia Angelicum, serving as a guide to the past through the major literary works of Western civilization. I identify as a guide because in our classes, the tutor does not present lectures, but we discuss what we have read, that is, we learn together. Completely online, this program is a global experience as our students join the class from around the world.

Since 2000, the Angelicum Academy has offered classes exploring the literary works of Western civilization, “the Great Books.” We are pleased to announce that we will be launching our program in Spanish this fall of 2022. We will start with the Greek Year, “the Greek Year,” and then add Roman, Medieval, and Modern, one each year.

This is when students ask me: Hey, professor, what do the literary works of Western civilization have to do with my life? Well, these texts do not speak about values that are “old,” but rather these ideas transcend time and culture. What fascinates me, but fascinates me, is knowing that today we ask ourselves the same questions that the ancients did.

If you would like to ponder these questions, join us this fall for “the Greek Year,” beginning a journey that will continue through Roman, medieval, and modern times. Registration is now open. You can enroll online, or we can take your enrollment information over the phone. A popular feature of our program is that students can earn an associate degree in the US by the 12th grade.

As a historian, I know how essential it is to learn about the past, because without knowing where we have been, we cannot know where we are going. With that, I leave you with the information to communicate with us. I will be waiting for you in class this fall. ¡Saluditos!