Angelicum Australia

Angelicum Great Books Program Students May Earn A Full Year of Credit at Campion College Australia

“I’m writing to tell you that Jack has won a scholarship to one of Australia’s most prestigious private schools. Jack has won a scholarship to Scotch College(which is a private high school) for years 9-12. It is arguably one of the finest and most expensive private schools in Australia. The scholarship covers his tuition for years 9-12, worth approximately $60,000 US dollars. We are so proud of him and so thankful to everyone who made it possible, including the Angelicum Academy. I really believe that the depth and breadth of the reading list you provide put him over the top in his scholarship interview. The principal asked him to discuss his favourite authours and not many high school children can say that they’ve ever read G.A. Henty or Jules Verne, or even heard of them for that matter! Thank you!” A. V. M.


In order to provide additional higher educational opportunities for the students of the Angelicum Great Books Program with Campion College Australia (CCA) they agreed as follows:
Campion College is a fully registered college accredited by the New South Wales Department of Education and Training to deliver higher education programmes. It is a Higher Education Provider (HEP) under the Act. The Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts has been fully accredited, meaning  that it is the equal of any Bachelor degree being offered in Australia and is able to used at other universities as a prerequisite to post graduate work. The Angelicum  Great Books Program has been reviewed and evaluated by the American Council of Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) and awarded ACE recommendation for 48 hours of college-level credit (6 hours per semester) either in the lower or upper division baccalaureate degree category for students successfully completing the Great Books courses. All four years of the Angelicum Great Books Program are offered at 7AM Perth AWST/ 9AM Sydney Standard (10AM DST) NSW, TAS, VIC, ACT.

Campion College, Australia (CCA) and the Angelicum Academy have revised their prior Agreement, as of April 11, 2017, to conform to new educational regulations, in particular the maximum credit transfer of 1/3rd (8 units/courses = 32 Aus.cp.)  of a three-year degree (96 Aus.cp.). Here are the relevant terms for students:

1.) Great Books Program students who successfully complete the first two years of the Great Books Program program will be eligible for RPL (Recognized Prior Learning = transfer credit) for six CCA units (courses), specifically these history, literature and philosophy courses: HIS101, HIS102, LIT101, LIT102, PHI101, and PHI102.

2.) Students who have completed the Angelicum’s two Fundamental Theology courses (Revelation and Christology, and, The Creed), will be eligible for RPL (Recognized Prior Learning = transfer credit) for two CCA theology units (courses), specifically: THE101 and THE102.

The maximum advanced standing (RPL transfer credit) CCA can offer for any student is eight units (which is the equivalent of one year of study out of the three-year CCA bachelor’s degree program). Students having satisfied the requirements of some or all of the foregoing eight (8) said courses, and who have earned a minimum of 96 more credit points at CCA, for a total of 144 credit points

[either as RPL credits pursuant to this agreement, or at CCA], are then eligible to graduate with the CCA Bachelor of Arts degree.

Students who began Great Books courses under the aegis of the former, 2009 Articulation Agreement between the parties hereto, shall be entitled to rely upon the terms of said former agreement with respect to those courses and the other terms thereof then in effect, which will be honored, except insofar as this is not permitted by the new TEQSA regulations or other law, in which case the maximum credit permitted for transfer to CCA under applicable TEQSA regulations or other law shall govern.

This Agreement shall be effective and continue in force for five (5) years, and shall terminate on April 11, A.D. 2022. Students taking any of said eight (8) courses (see #1 and #2, above) at that date, may complete said courses and receive the credit at CCA described above, unless this is not permitted by applicable regulatory legislation. Effective April 11, 2017.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.