We offer many courses. This is because some parents want to emphasize, for example, art instead of music, or science instead of philosophy, etc. That is a parental decision. But we do not recommend that any student take more than six or seven subjects at any one time. If one compares costs for any six of our courses with other homeschool programs, one will find that the Angelicum Homeschool Program is either less expensive or comparable in cost, and, we believe, superior in content and quality. We strive to offer only the very best educational books and materials, including particularly, the great classics of Western civilization.


Three Easy Steps to Homeschooling:

1. Enroll

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Lesson plans, the literature guide, grading, and transcript maintenance.

Yearly Tuition:

$55 for grades N-K and $250 for grades 3-12

2. Order Your Books

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Order Your Books

Books can be purchased in the Academy Bookstore for your convenience, or elsewhere.  You can pick and choose which subjects you want to take and need only purchase the books required for those subjects.   Core courses include: math, science, literature, language arts, religion, and history.

3. Enroll in Online Classes (Optional)

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Online Classes (Optional)

Online enrichment classes are open to students grades 3-12, and typically meet once per week.  We offer a variety of different subjects, and all classes have a maximum enrollment total of 15 students.  Our online classes provide a lively, social community that includes a student blog, clubs, and more.


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