Angelicum Academy – Holy Apostles Partnership Degree Plan Checklist
AA in Liberal Arts Degree – With Fr. Fessio’s Theology Courses

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The Angelicum Academy AA Track allows students to transfer 45 credits towards their Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.  Holy Apostles College & Seminary identifies 5 courses as per the partnership agreement for the students to complete their AA degree successfully.


Courses Taken at Angelicum Academy

Minimum Transfer Credits Needed = 45

Courses Taken at Holy Apostles

Minimum Credits = 15 (5 Courses)

Great Books of the Ancient Greeks I SCM 101 Mathematics among the
Liberal Arts (Fall & Summer)
Great Books of the Ancient Greeks II Select one of the following courses:
SCM 201 Physics* (Spring)
SCM 220 Chemistry* (Summer)
SCM 301 Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall)
Great Books of the Ancient RomansSelect one of the following courses:
DTH 101 Fundamental Theology (Fall)
PHS 121 Logic (Spring)
Great Books of the Ancient Romans to Early Middle AgesENG 115 Writing and Composition (Fall)
Great Books of the High Middle Ages to RenaissanceSOC 275 Economics (Spring)
Great Books of the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Great Books of the Enlightenment to the
Modern Era
Great Books of the Modern Era
Fr. Fessio – Revelation and Christology
Fr. Fessio – The Creed
Fr. Fessio – Jesus of Nazareth
Fr. Fessio – The Liturgy
* Optional 1 credit labs are available for SCM 101 Physics and SCM 220 Chemistry.  They are not a requirement to complete the AA track, but rather an available option.  Students taking the 1 credit lab would complete the AA track with 16 Holy Apostles credits.



A minimum of 60 credits is required to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from Holy Apostles.

45 Angelicum Academy Credits + 15 Holy Apostles Credits = 60 Credits total.

Students will work with their Angelicum Academy Primary Advisor to identify which courses they must take each semester.  Angelicum students are able to enroll in 1-2 courses at Holy Apostles per semester if desirable.

Upon completion of the Angelicum Academy – Holy Apostles Partnership AA Track, students may seamlessly transfer into a Bachelor of Arts degree at Holy Apostles with a single or double-major.