In addition to the extensive  list of colleges at this link, ACE CREDIT COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY NETWORK,
we also have had our college credits accepted by the colleges below. 

Cromwell, CT (regionally accredited – NEASC)
Accepts all 48 Great Books credits and all 12 Theology Credits

Boise State University
Accepted all 12 of our student’s Great Books credits

University of Mary in Bismark, ND

accepted all 48 of our 48 Great Books Program credits

John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego, California
Accepted 24 of 24 of our ACE college credits.

Catholic Distance University
Angelicum has an agreement with Catholic Distance University in which they will accept 48 of our 48 credits.

Catholic Distance University
Accepted 36 of 36 of our ACE college credits.

University of Maryland
Accepted 36 of 36 of our ACE college credits.

Thomas Edison State College
has specifically agreed to accept all 48 hours of our credits, and has already accepted all 48 credits earned by several of our students. TESC is regionally accredited (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools).

Angelicum has an agreement with Campion College in which they have agreed accept to accept 30 of our credits in fulfillment of one year of their three-year bachelor of liberal arts degree. CCA is fully accredited by the State of New South Wales, Australia.

Bethel University, located in St. Paul, MN, has agreed to accept 30 hours of Great Books Program credits towards its bachelors’ degrees.

Angelicum has an agreement with Benedictine College in which they will accept 24 of our 48 credits.

Angelicum has an agreement with Wyższa Szkoła Kultury Społecznej i Medialnej w Toruniu in which they will accept 48 of our 48 credits.

Franciscan University of Steubenville has accepted 48 of 48 credits earned by one of our students.

TRINE University has accepted 24 of 24 credits earned by one of our students.

Penn State has accepted 30 of 30 credits earned by one of our students.

New York University has accepted 32 of 48 credits earned by one of our students. By going through the Angelicum Great Books Program, it saved her family $37,088 in tuition costs with NYU.

Belmont Abbey College has accepted 21 of 30 credits earned by one of our students.

Grace College has accepted all 12 of the credits earned by one of our students.

University of North Dakota

Colorado University at Boulder

University of Colorado Colorado Springs


Some of the numerous Colleges and Universities attended by our Great Books Program Graduates:

Princeton University
Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome
Notre Dame
Penn State
Thomas Aquinas College
Air Force Academy
New York University
Catholic University of America
Liberty University Law School
Campion College, Australia
University of Shanghai, China
Ave Maria University
Brigham Young University
Christendom College
Thomas Edison State College
University of Dallas
Aquinas College [Nashville] Hillsdale College
Holy Apostles College & Seminary
Trine University
Fordham University
Boise State University
Grace College
Northeast Catholic
Univeristy of St. Thomas,St.Paul, MN.
University of North Texas
University of St. Thomas,Houston, TX
University. of Texas
Benedictine College, KS
Southern Utah University.
University of Mary
Belhaven University.
Mount St. Mary’s University
Bethel College
Catholic Distance University
Franciscan University
Thomas More College of Liberal Arts [New Hamp.] Loyola University.
University. West Virginia
Belmont Abbey College
Thomas More College, KY] University of Michigan
University of Wisconsin
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Colorado University Boulder
Mount Royal University. [Calgary, AB] St. Mary’s University College
Villa Maria College
Eastern Washington University
Washington State University
Wittenburg University

I am writing this for the benefit of future Angelicum Academy students and graduates,

After graduating the four-year Angelicum Academy Great Books Program, I decided that I wanted to go into the field of Computer Science, leading me to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at a public university. However, because of the non-conventional nature of the Great Books Program, the university initially declined to accept the credits from the program despite its being formally recommended by the American Council of Education (ACE) for college credit. I decided to contact the Angelicum Academy to see if they could help me in getting the near 50 college credits transferred, and the Angelicum Academy President stepped up to bat.

Despite being told by the university’s registrar that the credits would not transfer, the director of the Angelicum Academy guided me in researching the transfer credit policies of both the accreditation institution of the university – the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) – and the university’s own transfer credit policies. After contacting the HLC and the librarian of the university, the unilateral verdict was that the university had full authority to accept the Great Books credits, but simply didn’t seem to want to or did not understand that their own policies required them to do so.

With this information, the President of the Angelicum Academy personally wrote a letter to the university’s registrar compiling the research on their transfer policies, concluding that the university can, and should, accept the credits from the Great Books program. Shortly thereafter, in response to the Angelicum letter, the university confirmed that they had reversed their initial position and  accepted all the credits I earned from the Great Books program, without any further questions or delay.

Since this particular university does not have a formal agreement with the Angelicum Academy as other colleges and universities do, without the help of the Angelicum Academy I might  not have succeeded in transferring the four years of credits I had earned from the Great Books program. The  Angelicum Academy went above and beyond in helping me deal with  the bureaucracy of the public university system and showed how the Angelicum Academy really cares about its students, both in offering them the excellent Great Books education in the first place, and then in helping them succeed even after their time with the Angelicum Academy.

Maezy Haldeman
Angelicum Academy Class of 2020