Classical Rhetoric for Writing is a comprehensive high school English course. High school students with a strong writing background will get new insights and practice into the integration of rhetoric and logic into their academic writing.

The course will focus on the book Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student by Edward Corbett and Robert Connors, working through the book at a steady rate through the course of the semester, supplemented by logic texts and Figures of Speech by Arthur Quinn.  Classical Rhetoric covers a comprehensive lesson on Aristotelian rhetoric and analysis. Student will learn the various arguments and figures used in Aristotelian logic and rhetoric and how to analyze texts accordingly.  These lessons will be supplemented with logic review exercises and a study in Figures of Speech which will help students polish and improve their own writing techniques. The course material will be supplemented with student writing assignments, analysis, and exams to make sure students are integrating and retaining the material.

Grades will be based on participation (chiefly through in class discussions), short answer homework assignments, 3 exams and 4 writing assignments.

Moderator: Kara Heyne

Moderator Email:

Course Time: Thursdays at 8AM PST

Required Texts: Main Course Text: Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student by Edward Corbett and Robert Connors

Syllabus: Classical Rhetoric for Writing Syllabus

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