Normally it takes four years to complete the whole Greats program as the Great Books component of the GHP is normally a four-year program. However, students not interested in taking or completing the whole program may take as little as one course, or one semester. Most students begin in 9th grade and complete the program in four years, however our oldest student was 87, and we have had students of nearly all ages, from about 40 countries, though the great majority are Americans homeschooling or in high school. A few students have taken two years of the Great Books Program simultaneously (e.g. Greeks and Romans, or Middle Ages and Moderns), in order to enable them to complete the program in three or even two years. However, that involves a very considerable amount of reading, study and commitment, so while we allow it we do not recommend it; it also loses some of the benefits of a chronological sequence of readings.

The Great Courses™  may be viewed at any time-24/7- as they are asynchronous (recorded), however we recommend students view them according to the schedule suggested on the curriculum chart, partly so that their mentors, who are available year-round, can keep track of their progress, answer their questions and help guide them to achieve their greatest benefit. However, if a student wishes to binge-watch a Great Courses Plus/Wondrium course in a single week or so, he or she is welcome to do so. The quizzes and tests prepared and graded by the Academy for the Great Courses Plus/Wondrium required in Greats will be posted in a student’s Online Learning Center (OLC) page after their enrollment, and may also be taken at any time or pace thereafter.