Yes, in Theology. Holy Apostles accepts the four Theology Online courses (taught by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., Th.D.) which have been recommended by ACE Credit for 3 credits each, so a maximum of 12 credits, together with a maximum of up to 33 credits of the said Great Books program, (thus a total of 45 credits) towards its Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Theology degree. Students transferring said 45 credits would need to complete an additional 15 credits from Holy Apostles in order to earn their A.A. in Theology Degree. Normally this will require five of the following courses:

any two (2) of the following four language courses:

· GRK 201 Greek I
· GRK 202 Greek II
· LAT 201 Latin I
· LAT 202 Latin II
and any two (2) of the following three HACS philosophy courses:

· PHS 311 Logic
· PHS 414 Epistemology
· PHS 501 Ethics
and any (1) of the following Math/Science courses

· SCM 101 Mathematics among the Liberal Arts
· SCM 201 Physics (with or without optional 1-credit virtual physics lab)
· SCM 220 Chemistry (with or without optional 1-credit virtual chemistry lab)
· SCM 161 Earth Science
· SCM 171 Biology