To earn their Associate’s degree by the completion of 12th grade, students in the Angelicum’s Great Books Program Associate’s degree track must complete a minimum of five courses with Holy Apostles College (“HACS”) online, with a total of 15 credits. These can be taken in 11th grade or higher, provided the student has a “C” or higher grade point average (GPA) since entering high and/or college-level studies. The required courses are detailed HERE28. In summary, the five Holy Apostle’s online courses required are:

PAS 161 Catechism Pillars I & II
PAS 162 Catechism Pillars III & IV
SCM 101 Mathematics among the Liberal Arts
SCM 201 Physics (Optional virtual physics lab SCM 202 – 1 credit)
SCM 220 Chemistry (Optional virtual chemistry lab SCM 221 – 1 credit)

Associates Degree track students, who take the five HACS courses listed above, would not be required to take the first two theology online courses ordinarily required in the Greats Honors Program, and they would also omit a semester of the math, chemistry and physics courses ordinarily required in the Greats Honors Program. In other words, there would be no duplication of courses required, and the HACS courses listed would all be accepted towards fulfilling the Greats Honors Program requirements. This is true for students pursuing the A.A. in Theology as well. Contact us for details.

[Note relevant for A.A. track students only: Students who plan to (and do) complete two or more of the four Theology Online courses by Fr. Fessio, as a part of their A.A. track, prior to receiving their A.A. degree, will not be required to take the PAS 161 nor the PAS 162 Catechism Pillars courses listed above, as they are substantially equivalent courses. Rather, they will be required to take, in substitution thereof and at the same reduced tuition, two other HACS courses, specifically: ENG 171 Composition and English and SOC 275 Economics; If they complete only one of the Theology Online courses, then they would need to complete only one of the said two courses. Students who take the Theology Online Jesus of Nazareth and/or Liturgy course(s), will be required to complete either Revelation and Christology and the Creed Theology Online courses, or PAS I and PAS II, keeping in mind that they must complete 15 credits of Holy Apostles courses.