Yes, provided there is no tuition balance due. All colleges require tuition be paid before they issue transcripts, diplomas or degrees. Since the A.A. tuition is discounted, and on a four-year basis, students who leave the A.A. track before completion will have their tuition recalculated at that time, based on the tuition they would have paid were they in the Great Books College track: $1,495 per Great Books semester; $750 per Theology online course; $360 per credit hour for Holy Apostles courses. In effect, this simply restores the tuition discount they received for joining and completing the A.A. track. Students who leave mid-semester or anytime before completing a course will be charged proportionately – for the classes or portion of a course they attended or completed before withdrawing. To be effective, we require 72-hour written notice of withdrawal – an email is fine.