Please fill out the form linked here:  Application to Begin A. A. Track Holy Apostles College Courses (Once approved by the Angelicun Academy, Undergraduate students must then book an advising appointment with Holy Apostles Undergraduate Advisor Ms. Jacqueline Reiss through her email or 860-632-3026.)

Note: Both The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Release (FERPA) FORM must be printed, signed (by the student) and notarized, scanned and attached to the Holy Apostles Application form you will receive from them. We provide it here so that you can have it ready and notarized for when you submit their application form. Nearly all banks have a notary, and banks usually provide it as a free service to their customers.

Another note: A 2.5 cumulative (i.e., average) GPA is equivalent to 1/2 C’s (which are 2.0) and 1/2 B’s (which are 3.0), or better, for high school level work completed prior to submitting your application. This includes all high school or college level courses completed with the Angelicum Academy. If you are unsure of your cumulative GPA, just let us know and we can help you calculate it and prepare a transcript. Holy Apostles requires a letter of recommendation: if you are an Angelicum Academy student, we can provide you with an appropriate letter of recommendation.

Registration for the Summer, 2020 online classes runs from March 23rd through April 24th.  After April 24th, a $25 late fee will be applied.

Annual Online Undergraduate Course Schedule (updated 3.20.20)

For Associate’s Degree Students in 11th-12th grades and up, taking Holy Apostles courses in the Summer 2020:

Online Learning UNDERGRADUATE Summer 2020 Registration Form 

Many other questions are answered on the website. Call or email if you have any questions. Thank you!