Fully one-half of the courses in the GHP curriculum are now available for students to take for college credit (the other one-half of the Greats Honors Program courses-including all of Wondrium provide the courses needed to complete their high school studies, not college credit). This includes the eight Great Books courses (6 college credits each = 48 credits total), and the four Theology courses (3 college credits each = 12 credits total), for a grand total of 60 college credits. These college credits were recommended by the American Council for Education College Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT), to the nearly 1,800 American Council for Education member colleges and universities. 60 credits is ½ of a typical BA degree in the US.

There are two Great Books “tracks” to obtain that college credit, linked here for the relevant information: College Credit track, and the Associate’s Degree track. The cost to take these courses for college credit ranges from $130 to $250 per credit hour. Compare that to the $400-$1,512 cost per-credit-hour from For-Profit colleges to Private non-profit colleges, respectively, representing the lowest to the highest costs per-credit-hour. This chart shows the comparative cost for an Associate’s degree and for a BA degree.

Average Published Charges for Undergraduates 2016-17 Source: College Board (Enrollment-Weighted)
Type of Four-Year InstitutionTuitionRoom & BoardTotal per Year2-Year AA Total Cost4-Year BA Total Cost
Public Two-Year (in District)$3,520$8,060$11,580$23,160$63,340*
Public Four-Year (In-State)$9,550$10,440$20,090$40,180$80,360
Public Four-Year (Out-of -State)$24,930$10,440$35,370$70,740$141,480
Private Nonprofit Four-Year$33,480$11,890$45,370$90,740$181,480
For Profit (nonresidential)$16,000$16,000$32,000$48,000
Great Books A.A. track$7,500$7,500$15,000$31,550
* Assumes 120 credit hours for bachelor’s degree. Does not include any scholarships. *2 Years at Two-Year and 2 years at Public Four-Year (In-State)

To exercise either college credit option, simply enroll your student in one of those Great Books tracks HERE,  both of which are a part of the Greats Honors Program, which also provides those other courses needed for their high school diploma.

As everyone now knows, the cost of a college education has grown exponentially in recent years. College seniors who borrow to finance their education now graduate with an average of c. $40,000 in debt — many exceed $100,000 — and student loan debt now tops credit card debt among Americans. The average age of persons with student loan debt is now 40 and rising. Tuition, fees and books with room and board at private, four-year colleges average over $45,000 per year — over $180,000 for a four-year degree (does not include any scholarships). Our Great Books AA track is only $15,000 for an Associate’s degree, and only another $16,550 for a BA.

The modest costs of the Great Books AA track, at a fraction of the expense of traditional college education are, for many families, the solution to soaring college costs. In the Great Books AA track, now in association with Holy Apostles College online, students can obtain college credits for about one sixth (1/6th) of the cost on campus. In order to earn their AA degree, students must complete their high school level studies, which the other Greats Honors Program courses fully provide.