Greats Honors Program students will each have an Academy faculty member assigned as a mentor, who will be available (September-May) to the individual student, via email or live, online, to answer questions about the program, courses, lectures or specific learning difficulties and to help them reach their educational goals. Parents are welcome to attend and participate in these. Because Greats Honors students have a broad array of courses they may take, some questions may be outside the area of expertise of their mentor. In those cases the mentor will arrange for consultation (again, via email or in a live, online classroom) between the student and a tutor, more expert in the area of interest (e.g., art, music, math, science, philosophy). The Academy has available faculty expert in nearly all relevant educational fields. Since on occasion more than one student may have the same or similar questions or difficulty, tutors may schedule more than one student for a tutorial to address that matter.

Academy mentors and tutors, in any area, are different faculty from the professors who teach and are recorded in The Great Courses™. Greats faculty, moderators, mentors and tutors are not the professors who recorded The Great Courses™.