Unsatisfied with the homeschooling curricula available in the 1990’s – we researched the various educational methods and approaches, as well as educational goals. Again and again we were drawn back to the Great Books Movement – the return to the classics – as the core element needing restoration and recommended by the leading lights for educational reform, including Mortimer Adler, former Editor of Encyclopaedia Britannica and the Great Books of Western Civilization (as well as author of 50+ other books). After meeting with Dr. Adler for three days in 1999 and again in 2000, we concluded his educational approach was the most insightful and profound, and, with his encouragement, introduced the Great Books movement online, to homeschoolers and others. We accepted our first students in 2000 A.D. Dr. Adler – long a Thomist since reading the Summa Theologica when he was 22,  was received into the Catholic Church in December, 2000 by the Most Reverend Pierre DuMaines, then bishop of San Jose, CA, a friend and admirer of Dr. Adler.  In order to prepare students to read the Great Books, we introduced Dr. John Senior’s children’s classics Good Books list into the elementary levels.  Literature is the backbone and main integrating factor in education and in our program.