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Greek 1

Required Textbook: An Introduction to Ancient Greek, Volume 1 by Robert Williamson and Alfred Mollin

An Introduction to Ancient Greek, Volume 1 For the first year of Classical Greek classes, live classes will meet weekly, 30 weeks, beginning the first week of September (see the posted Academic Schedule for holidays) on the same day and time each week, for a one-hour-live class. At that class the tutor will: explain the assignment for the coming week; answer your questions and perhaps pose some; note and address any problems or difficulties noticed in the prior week’s work; and lead a brief discussion of the topic at hand. These are rather informal and friendly live tutoring sessions. Students will be introduced to basic Greek grammar in a manner facilitating the early introduction of substantial and philosophically rich passages from Heraclitus Aeschylus, Xenophon, Aristotle, Euclid and especially Plato, each containing vocabulary, discussion and exercises to aid in retention and reinforcement.

Greek I is offered on Mondays at 10AM PST/1 PM EST. However, students who wish to take a live Greek I class more often weekly may be able to do so on Wednesdays at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST and/or Thursdays at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST, by emailing the Angelicum Academy after enrolling in the Greek 1 class on Mondays and making that request. If enough students request another day per week, or two more, then we will schedule it at those times. Tuition for 2 hours/classes per week would be doubled ($595 x 2 =$1,190); tripled for 3 hours/classes per week. ($ 595 x 3 = $ 1,785), before any discounts.