Our curriculum is all listed under the tab “Curriculum,” so simply visit any grade level, or subject area (such as Math, Art, History), and select the levels and materials you wish to use. To enroll just click the ENROLL link at the top of the homepage. To order individual books for non-enrolled students, please visit our Academy Bookstore, which only carries books and materials we recommend for our curriculum, listed by grade level, and by subject area. Parents are free to utilize other educational programs for various courses, alongside our program, even substituting for parts of our program – however we do not provide grading for other programs as we do not have their answer keys and it is not efficient to attempt to do. However, we do add such courses to our enrolled students’ trancripts, on request (we simply need some sufficient evidence of the name of the course, successful completion and grade or level attained to do so – this is usually a transcript, but that is not required).