This program is about education, not about forcing parents or students to conform to our programs, views or rules. We respect parental authority over the education of their children., even if we happen to disagree or think we may know better. We are simply here to help and assist them, make suggestions and educational recommendations, to whatever degree they wish and we are able. We are anti-bureaucratic – if we can say “yes” to any parental request, schedule or proposal, we do so. We are not taxpayer-funded, so we do not have to bow to political correctness or fads of social experimentation in order to receive government money with strings attached. Children are not “creatures of the State,” they are, rather, children of God, and of their parents to whom He has entrusted their care and education. This is an unapologetically Catholic program, however students of all faiths, or no faith, are welcome to benefit from our services, and many have done so over the years, and are treated with dignity, kindness and respect.  We have had students of every major religion and denomination, from six continents and many nations – all are welcome.