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Latin Primer A
Latin Primer B
Latin Primer C
Latin Middle Level 1: Italia
Latin Middle Level 2: Vita Mariae
Latin Middle Level 3: Christus et Apostoli
Latin Middle Level 4: Sancta Missa
Latin – Beginning Latin 1 (For Upper Grades)
Latin – Intermediate Latin 2 (For Upper Grades)
Latin – Advanced Latin 3-4 (For Upper Grades)
Latin – Possible Split Intermediate/Advanced Latin (For Upper Grades)

Latin Primer A

(Recommended for students in grades 1-8 with no experience in Latin. Multiple class times may be offered for younger and older grades. Check back here for details.)

Required Textbooks:

Puella Romana tells stories about an ancient Roman girl, focusing on Latin immersion, explanation of key terms, and an introduction to grammar concepts. Short sentences with first declension nouns are taken from the Latin Vulgate Bible, the Liber Usualis, and writings of the saints. Little Latin Readers provides Catholics with a solid foundation in the sacred language of their faith.

The live classes supplement homeschool study. We will prepare for assignments and resolve issues with previous assignments; practice exercises and pronunciation; go over grammar rules and vocabulary; discuss sacred significances; learn some prayers of the Rosary in Latin; use a little conversational Latin; and discover Gregorian chant.

Dates: This weekly, one-hour, live class begins the first week of September. Classes are 30 weeks (15 weeks per semester). For dates and holidays, see the Academic Calendar.