The Academy offers a 30% tuition discount for siblings enrolled in the same program or same online course, after the first student enrolled, as long as two or more siblings are enrolled in it. The first student is defined as the one with the highest tuition rate (usually the oldest sibling student).

 For example, if two siblings are enrolled in the Academy home school program (which is $250 for grades 1-12), the first student would be $250, the next sibling student(s) would be $ 175, each. 

Enrollment in the home school program does not entitle a sibling to the family discount in an online course class, nor the reverse: for example, a student enrolled in the 9th grade homeschool program ($250) does not entitle a sibling to the family discount in 8th grade online Socratic Discussions, but it does entitle a student to the family discount in a different grade level in the homeschool program. Another example: a student enrolled in 7th grade Socratic Discussions entitles a sibling to a family discount in 3rd grade Socratic Discussions, but not for enrollment in the homeschool program ($250), nor for the family discount for enrollment in Philosophy for Children online classes. So the family discount applies to a sibling in the Academy homeschool program, or in the same online course (even if in a different grade level).

A sibling enrolled in the Great Books program – any of the three tracks of it (high school, college or A.A track) – would entitle siblings in the Great Books to the family discount, in any track. The “first” student would be the one in the highest tuition track. The only exception to this is that siblings of a student enrolled in the Associates degree (A.A.) track, who are also in the A.A. track, receive a family discount of $105 per month (so $245 instead of $350), or the equivalent if they pay by semester (that is a family discount of c. 30%).

Please feel free to call or email if you still have any questions about our generous family discount.

We have one other FAQ page, relating specifically to our Associates (A.A.) degree track HERE. 

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