Hi there,

I am almost embarrassed to send you our schedule! It is not as organized as the ones you have posted. But I guess this is what you want – to hear from real moms doing the Angelicum curriculum! We do not keep hours with our daily work – we only look at the clock for our lunch break. We start as soon as we can in the morning and take breaks as needed. We sometimes do not get to some of the lessons until after dinner. I have the schedule below in poster format on the wall of our homeschool room. The schedule below has worked well for our 3rd grader, 5th grader and 6th grader this past school year. Hope this helps some of your new parents!

Work to be completed on your own:

  1. Saxon Math – one lesson daily
    2.     History – Read lesson & take notes
    3.     Reading (Good Books) – write down the pages you read
    4.     Reading Thinking Skills – one lesson
    5.     Map Essentials – one lesson & answer questions

Work to be completed with Mom:

  1. Shurley Grammar – one lesson daily
    2.    Science readings & projects
    3.    Bible readings
    4.    Religion

Work to be completed with Dad:

  1. Latin – daily lessons and vocabulary review
    2.    Greek – daily lessons and vocabulary review