Study Ancient Greek Online

with Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo

Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo, PhD, is a priest in the Melkite Catholic Church of America and pastor of St. Elias Melkite Parish in San Jose, CA ( Along with his pastoral duties, he is also an adjunct lecturer in Biblical Studies and Catechetics for the Christendom Graduate School of Theology as well as an instructor for a number of other institutions. He received his BS in Animal Science with a concentration in veterinary medicine from Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo, CA, his MA in Theology with a concentration in Sacred Scripture from the Christendom Graduate School of Theology, Alexandria, VA, and his PhD in Biblical Studies from the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC. His dissertation was published under the title Seeing Blood and Water: A Narrative-critical Study of John 19:34 (2012). He is also the author of many articles and the contributor to a number of multi-author works.

For more information, visit the Academy of Classical Greek website  You can also email or call (831) 272-3388 with any questions you might have.

Academy of Classical Greek

Due to the fact that live, language classes may be offered in a variety of ways (such as conversationally, full immersion, translation-based, textbook or grammar chart-based, individually or in groups) and times (from one to  five times per week, and for ½ hour to one hour, and at various times of day), and since our students are from around the world, in different time zones, we have decided that for language courses we will simply provide students with links to the language teachers we recommend, allowing the students and teachers to determine the most convenient times and frequency of their live classes, and the resulting tuition appropriate for same.  In light of that, we recommend the following teacher for this language course, and provide the following information about the teacher and the course he/she proposes to offer this Fall.

Please be advised that this course is not offered by the Angelicum Academy, rather it is offered by the teacher, directly, and the student will need to email the teacher to initiate a discussion with him/her concerning course and his/her services, the appropriate level, times, frequency, tuition and manner of payment to the teacher.

The Angelicum Academy will not be involved in paying the teacher – that is strictly between the teacher and the student, and the Angelicum Academy is not responsible for any payments, accounting, refunds, adjustments, or other financial arrangements for this live language course. None of the tuition goes to the Angelicum Academy – it all goes directly to the teacher, who is not an employee of the Angelicum Academy, according to whatever arrangements are made between the teacher and the student: any disputes about tuition, payments or the services provided by the teacher are strictly between the teacher and the student.