Study Latin Online

with Prof. Andrew Garlick

Learn or Improve your Latin over the Fall

We are offering both private and group tutoring via ZOOM. Sessions will be scheduled once or twice per week at the mutual convenience of the student and Professor Garlick.

We will start the week of September 5 and continue through December 22.

Whether you are a beginner getting ready for the fall, have some knowledge of Latin and wish to reinforce what you have learned, or are ready to achieve reading fluency, we will structure a program to meet your needs.

Sessions cost $800/term contracted and paid in advance for the term. Payments will be made directly to Professor Garlick.

For more information and to register, contact Professor Garlick at or call at (917) 656-8778.

Professor Andrew Garlick is a well-respected scholar, scriptural theologian, and classicist. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, an MA in Classical Literature from Wayne State University in Detroit, an MBA from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and has done post graduate studies in Theology at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He has taught at Wayne State University, the University of Michigan – Dearborn, Columbia University in NYC (where is remains as a Graduate Mentor), and Felician University in New Jersey, where he is an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. He is also a Certified Substitute Teacher in New Jersey, and regularly teaches in a number of schools there. He is fluent in a number of languages and has a particular love for Latin.

Latin Course Offerings 2022/2023

Classes in advanced Latin can be arranged by appointment.

Students can expect to spend about 2 hours per week outside of class on homework.

The cost for the course will be $1,600 per student for the year ($800 per student for the semester). Additional family members will receive a 30% discount (this applies to all levels).

The tuition will be paid directly to Prof. Garlick, who will provide each family an invoice at the beginning of each semester.


Professor Garlick of the Angelicum Academy will be offering 3 Latin Classes in the Fall of 2022.

Latin 1 – Beginning Latin

Latin 2 – Intermediate Latin (for those with one year of study or limited proficiency

Latin 3/4 – for those who have completed Latin 2 and are ready to begin reading Latin or are increasing their reading ability

Classes will meet two times a week for 45 minutes via ZOOM. Times will depend on the enrollment and the students’ schedules.

The cost for the classes is $800/term, payable to Professor Garlick.

For more information or to register, contact Professor Garlick at or call at (917) 656-8778.

Classes will be cancelled for holidays, Holy Days, and other unforeseen events. All families will be advised early in advance should a class need to be cancelled.

To enroll, please contact Prof. Garlick by email or phone:

(917) 656-8778

Books Requirements:

Required for Latin I Online Class: Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition

(The Wheelock’s Latin Series) 7th Edition by Richard A. Lafleur (Author)

Required for Latin I Online Class:

Workbook for Wheelock’s Latin 3rd Revised Edition

Recommended for Latin I Online Class: Latin Verbs: Conjugations (Quick Study Academic) (English and Latin Edition)(Latin) Cards

Recommended for Latin I Online Class: Latin Vocabulary SparkNotes Study Cards Student, Bilingual Edition

Purchase Latin Books


  • 30% Family Discount = $1,100
  • Does Not Include Books


  • 30% Family Discount = $550
  • Does Not Include Books

Due to the fact that live, language classes may be offered in a variety of ways (such as conversationally, full immersion, translation-based, textbook or grammar chart-based, individually or in groups) and times (from one to  five times per week, and for ½ hour to one hour, and at various times of day), and since our students are from around the world, in different time zones, we have decided that for language courses we will simply provide students with links to the language teachers we recommend, allowing the students and teachers to determine the most convenient times and frequency of their live classes, and the resulting tuition appropriate for same.  In light of that, we recommend the following teacher for this language course, and provide the following information about the teacher and the course he/she proposes to offer this Fall.

Please be advised that this course is not offered by the Angelicum Academy, rather it is offered by the teacher, directly, and the student will need to email the teacher to initiate a discussion with him/her concerning course and his/her services, the appropriate level, times, frequency, tuition and manner of payment to the teacher.

The Angelicum Academy will not be involved in paying the teacher – that is strictly between the teacher and the student, and the Angelicum Academy is not responsible for any payments, accounting, refunds, adjustments, or other financial arrangements for this live language course. None of the tuition goes to the Angelicum Academy – it all goes directly to the teacher, who is not an employee of the Angelicum Academy, according to whatever arrangements are made between the teacher and the student: any disputes about tuition, payments or the services provided by the teacher are strictly between the teacher and the student.