Enrollment Tuition Chart
Annual Tuition10 Monthly Payments Annual Tuition with Payment in Full 5% Discount*Annual Tuition for Siblings* (25% Discount)10 Payments
w/Family 25% Discount
Payment in Full (5% Discount) with Family 25% Discount
Homeschool Program
Grades Nursery-K$60n/an/a$45n/an/a
Grades 1st-12th $250n/an/a$187n/an/a
Greats Honors Program**$950$95$900$712$71$675
Great Books Program^
High School Track$1495$149$1420$1121$112$1065
College Credit Track$2999$299$2845$2096$210$1991
Associate's Degree Track $3750$375.00$3562 $2812$281$2672
Socratic Discussions
3rd & 4th Grades$545$54$518$409$40$382
5th & 6th Grades$545$54$518$409$40$382
7th & 8th Grades$595$59$565$446$44$424
Grades 3-6 for Children$545$54$518$409$40$382
Ethics (Any Grade 7-12)$545$54$518$409$40$382
Socratic Logic (Any Grade 8-12)$545$54$518$409$40$382
Theology Online[i]$600$60$570$57$45$427
Master Writing Cycle
English Grammar and Composition$545$54$518$409$40$382
Academic Writing From the Ground Up (Any Grade 8-12)$545$54$518$409$40$382
Classical Rhetoric for Writing$545$54$518$409$40$382
Some of the figures above vary a little due to rounding.
*Our family discount is 25% off the full tuition price for siblings after the first. It is applicable to all siblings after the first. The “first” sibling refers to the highest-tuition sibling (usually the oldest).
** Does not include the Great Books Program. The 4 Didache religion online courses (linked to the provider: My Catholic Faith Delivered) are about $30 each - no book is required. The Ethics of Aristotle is not online streaming, so must be downloaded for about $10 directly from Great Courses (we provide instructions on how to download it) - no book is required.
^ If I complete the A.A. courses in less than four years does the tuition change? Yes. It is less overall, but more per year. Scroll to AA FAQ #45 for details HERE
[i] Theology Online courses are included in both the College track and A.A. track tuition.