“Thank you for all you have done over the years with Markus’ & Sarah’s education!   We are so grateful and are unsure of the words that could ever possibly express the blessings we have received by being a part of Angelicum Academy & Holy Apostles. We are so grateful for all the staff at the Angelicum Academy have provided. We are so excited that our son Sam will be starting the Great Books Program with you! God Bless You for all you do❣  With Sincere Gratitude and Best Wishes Always❣❣  Mark & Terri Visconti”

From 9th Grade to Accredited BA degrees with Double Majors in Just 5 Years

Earning 75 College Credits 9th-12th Grades. Joan Babecka, Sarah and Markus Visconti graduated from Angelicum Academy in the Spring of 2017. Thanks to the Angelicum Academy-Holy Apostles Agreement, Sarah and Markus were each able to transfer 48 credits from Angelicum’s Great Books Program, and 12 credits of our online Theology courses, and both earned 15 credits from Holy Apostles online, for a total of 75 college-level credits towards their BA degrees at Holy Apostles College. As Angelicum Academy-Holy Apostles students, Sarah and Markus began studying online at Holy Apostles in the summer semester of 2017 while Angelicum Academy students, and by the end of the Spring Semester of 2018, Sarah and Markus had completed their BA degrees with a Double Majors in Philosophy and in History in the Social Sciences, Sarah at the age of 19 and Markus at age 20.  Sarah and Markus both graduated with 136 total credits, and a Cumulative GPAs of 3.26 and 3.32, respectively.

Earning Bachelor’s Degrees for Under $30,000.  Thanks to the Agreement between the Angelicum Academy and Holy Apostles College, the total tuition for Sarah’s BA degree was under $30,000, and Markus’ – due to the Angelicum Academy family discount – was about $25,000 (The average total cost of a four-year BA in private colleges is $180,000+).

From one of our first studentsIf it’s anybody’s fault that I’m doing this crazy PhD thing now, it’s you – Great Books opened the lid of my world and set me on fire. I’m forever grateful for the program and the education I received from it; it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, and one that continually bears fruit and enriches my life in new and beautiful ways. I can never repay you for believing that 15-year-olds are capable of reading as much as graduate students! In a way my serious relationship to the Western canon began 15 years ago, in your classroom. This led to my place now, as a sort of professional bookworm. My life as it stands is pretty great, and I owe a lot of where I am now to you. Thank you so much for teaching. Pax, Kelsey B.

COLLEGE CREDITS: Our students may earn from 1-75 college credits while home schooling (in grades 9-12) or while in high school, or later. They may earn their accredited Associate’s degree (from Holy Apostles College -requires 60 credits) while in high school or home school (grades 9-12, or later), or they may take individual college-level courses for transfer elsewhere – to other of the hundreds of colleges and universities that accept ACE recommended credits. Students who earn their Associate’s degree while in home school (grades 9-12) or high school, may earn a further 15 credits then as well, enabling them to complete 75 credits towards their accredited bachelor’s degree (requires 120 credits) – that is nearly 2/3rds of their bachelor’s degree, for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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Dr. Mortimer J. AdlerDr. Mortimer J. Adler

The Great Books Program and the Theology Online courses were reviewed by the American Council on Education college credit recommendation service (ACE CREDIT), which recommended the Great Books Program for 6 college credits for each semester of the program – 48 college credits in all. ACE CREDIT recommended the Theology Online courses for three credits per course, 12 college credits in all. All 60 such credits are accepted for transfer by Holy Apostles.

Those 60 credits are also applicable towards Holy Apostles Bachelor’s degrees (B.A.s) in Theology, Philosophy, English in the Humanities, and History in the Social Studies.

In 1983 the late, great philosopher convert and educational reformer, Dr. Mortimer J. Adler wrote: “I have been conducting seminars for 60 years now, with students in high schools and colleges and with adults who have engaged in the reading and discussion of great books or who have been participants in the Aspen Executive Seminars. Long experience has convinced me that seminar teaching, on the Greek or Socratic model, not the German (lecture) one, belongs not only in the colleges, but should be carried on also in high schools, where students have proved every bit as able to profit from seminars that I have conducted as have their college counterparts–have shown themselves even better participants in some ways. The high school students did just as well; in fact, having had less schooling, they were somewhat less inhibited in discussion.”

Renowned Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain held virtually the identical view as Dr. Adler: “I advance the opinion, incidentally, that, in the general educational scheme, it would be advantageous to hurry the four years of college, so that the period of undergraduate studies would extend from sixteen to nineteen. The B.A. would be awarded at the end of the college years [thus at 19 years of age], as crowning the humanities…”

Jacques Maritain

Jacques Maritain

Holy Apostles College and the Great Books Program are both recommended by the Cardinal Newman Society’s The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

Holy Apostles College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and by the State of Connecticut Board of Higher Education.