An Introduction to the Spanish Language (Online)

(For Grade 7+)

Course Description: 

With advancements in globalization, the world is becoming more connected every day. This includes being in contact with people from other countries and from around the world like we would previously have never imagined. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world, followed by English. Spanish is a powerful tool that helps us not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives as it helps us grow by expanding our cultural horizons and knowledge of the world. Spanish-speaking countries and peoples have produced countless works of art, literature, music, architecture, incredible cuisine, and more saints than you can count. As such, Spanish is becoming part of the day-to-day world we live in, and learning this beautiful tongue is something that will serve us not just for the present, but for the future as well.

There are many ways to teach a language: conversationally, textbook-based, translation based, etc. Often, the way a second language is taught in most educational institutions is not the most effective way. We tend to learn with a specific method that might work for some, but not for many. When confronted with the chance to use this knowledge given us in our school years, we realize that all those hours we spent studying have amounted to almost nothing when we need it most.

The goal of this course is to use a variety of teaching methods that mimic one of the most effective ways of learning any language: total immersion. It is this proven method that yields the best results and helps us keep the information most effectively. Since we are not expected to have all the answers in our notebook for later use, using total immersion helps us confront the language barrier head-on and motivate ourselves to solve problems on the spot. Starting with the very basics of the Spanish alphabet and syllables, we will begin our journey into this wonderful language. This will be followed by daily conversations in class, bringing in everyday situations that help us gradually learn the meaning of unfamiliar words and connect them to our native language in ways we never thought were possible. We will also have regular reading sessions that will solidify the connection between the sounds of the words and their meanings to written text in order to further our knowledge of the language.


Juan Hernandez Mercado is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he studied at the Conservatoriode Músicade Puerto Rico as a vocal performance major. During his time on the island, he worked closely with the Department of Education as an education assistant for different schools across all educational levels, including Rafael Quiñones Vidal, Julio Selles Solá, and Republica del Perú. Juan has traveled to St. John’s Canada to be a part of Opera on the Avalon’s Educational outreach program, and to Palm Beach, Florida to work with Palm Beach Opera’s Education and Community Outreach programs. Continual studies have helped him become fluent in Italian and Juan is passionate about teaching  his native Spanish to aspiring learners of all ages.

Required text:

El Principito

Reference Reading:

Cuentos y Lecturas en Castellano by Maria Solano (Free Ebook) 


Introduction to Spanish Syllabus

Class Time: 

This class meets twice per week, starting 8/31, ending 5/9: Mondays, 2pm PST/5pm EST & Fridays, 2pm PST/5pm EST

Mr. Hernandez is also available for private tutoring should students be unable to attend the listed class times.




Mr. Juan Hernandez:



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