Academic Calendar 2020/2021

1st Day of Latin I and IIAugust 31
1st Day of Tues-Fri Great Books ClassesSeptember 1
1st Day of Intro and Intermediate Music TheorySeptember 2
1st Day of Academic WritingSeptember 2 and 3
1st Day of SpanishSeptember 4
1st Day of Greek & Latin ClassesSeptember 4
1st Day of Philosophy for Children ClassesSeptember 4
Labor Day (no classes)September 7
1st Socratic Discussion ClassesSeptember 14
1st Day of Monday Great Books Classes September 14
Thanksgiving HolidayNovember 21-29
Last Great Books Class Days, 1st Semester December 15-21
Last Philosophy for Children Class, 1st SemesterDecember 18
Last Socratic Class, 1st SemesterDecember 21
Last Greek & Latin Classes, 1st SemesterDecember 17
Great Books Orals Exams, 1st SemesterDecember 7-22
2021 Academic Calendar
1st Monday Great Books Class, Socratic DiscussionsJanuary 11
1st Day Great Books, 2nd SemesterJanuary 19-22
1st Class Philosophy for Children, 2nd SemesterJanuary 22
Martin Luther King Holiday – No Socratic, Greek or Latin ClassesJanuary 18
President's Day - No Socratic Classes February 15
Spring Break (Holy Week)March 29-April 2
Last Great Books Class Days - 2nd SemesterMay 4-7
Last Class Philosophy Children 2nd SemesterMay 7
Last Class Greek & Latin ClassesMay 7
Last Monday Classes, 2nd SemesterMay 17
Great Books Orals Exams, 2nd SemesterMay 10-21