Already enrolled in ESA?

We are a Direct Pay vendor in ClassWallet. When enrolling or ordering from us, choose the option to pay via ClassWallet on check out.  You will subsequently receive a PDF invoice to upload to your ClassWallet account.  ClassWallet will review and approve your order and notify us – it’s that easy.

New to ESA?

Due to a recent change state law, ALL Arizona students can receive approximately $7,000 (2022-2023 amount) each year in State funds to be used for educational expenses selected by the parents, including for tuition, books, and programs provided by the Angelicum Academy.  All you need to do is sign up for an ESA account at

If for any reason, you are denied an ESA account or ESA funding, you may either withdraw your students from the Angelicum Academy without any financial obligation – you owe nothing in that case – or, you may leave your student in the Angelicum Academy and make arrangements to pay the tuition in full or in payments with your own funds.  Any books ordered would need to be either purchased from the Angelicum Academy, or returned to the Angelicum Academy in the case of withdrawal.

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