Offered Fridays at 2pm PST/5pm EST, beginning September 4th.


Course Description

Over the course of 30 lectures, students will explore world cultures and the music that influenced them. Ethnomusicology is the study of music within its social and cultural context. Students will learn how music was not only used as a form of entertainment, but many times served as the cultural pillar to societies. Music was the hallmark of society and much can be derived from understanding the practices of these societies. Students will learn how to research like an ethnomusicologist and will conduct their own cultural exploration in the world around them.


Expectations/Envisioned Learning Outcomes

1) Learning about other cultures and their musical traditions – particularly how it influenced the cultures that they will learn about in the Great Books Program.

2) Students will learn how to explore and question the musical world around them.

3) This will give students a broader understanding of how music has been used throughout time.


Required Readings and Resources

Students will receive links to articles weekly on the topics that will be discussed.



Ethnomusicology_Syllabus 2020-2021


Instructor Bio

Ms. Anna Woiwood is a graduate of the Mannes School of Music where she received her professional development degree in Opera Performance. She holds a Masters of Music from the University of Northern Colorado and a Bachelors of Music from Southeast Missouri where she studied the history of music extensively. She has worked for the Great Books Program for six years as a grader and lecturer and enjoys connecting with the students to help them grow! She performs in operas and currently resides in New York City.