Great Books Program + Wondrium = The Greats Honors Program

The Greats Honors Program has two parts: The Great Books Program and Wondrium™, which together include all courses needed for high school. These two parts of the Greats Honors online high school program are priced separately and are available separately.

ONLY $95 PER MONTH FOR Wondrium and related Academy services including access to all Wondrium, and live, individual mentoring and subject-area tutoring, weekly assessment and grading and monthly progress reports.

PLUS THE GREAT BOOKS PROGRAM TUITION. The $95 above, is in addition to the tuition of the Great Books Program, which varies depending upon which of the three (3) Great Books tracks you select, listed and priced below. To repeat: to the Great Books track tuition selected, is added the $95 per month for Wondrium  with its per-lecture assignments and Academy assessment, individual online mentoring and subject-area tutoring, unlimited phone and email consultation, monthly progress reports and transcript maintenance. Thus combined, this includes all courses needed for the four years of high school studies.

INCLUDES ACCESS TO OVER 300 GREAT COURSES. Greats students are also provided, at no additional charge, password access to all of the superb Wondrium lectures (over 8,500!) in numerous subjects (over 300 courses). Wondrium courses that have been selected as a formal part of our Greats Honors curriculum are listed HERE. The Academy is solely responsible for payments to Wondrium for subscriptions for Greats Honors students, and issues any refunds regarding same, pursuant to its posted refund policies; students in arrears on monthly tuition payments may have their subscription terminated.