The Great Courses Plus/Wondrium is a subscription video on demand service by The Great Courses™ – the leading global media brand for lifelong learning. With 300 courses of in-depth videos by the world’s greatest professors, students will always have something fascinating to learn about. The Greats Honors Program uses and assess about 30 of these courses in its program, however Greats students have access to all of them. There are never any commercials no matter how much students watch, and they can pause, rewind, fast forward or re-watch as often as they like.[/fusion_toggle]

The Academy homeschool program (HERE) begins at the nursery level and continues through the 12th grade, in the usual homeschool approach, offline,with some optional online courses. The Greats Honors Program is entirely online, and is not offered prior to the 9th grade level.

Our online Great Books Program (the required reading is of course done individually) is common to and part of both our Homeschool program and our Greats Honors program, 9th-12th grades and up. So apart from the Great Books Program, the difference is mainly about taking courses offline, or, online with lectures, assessments per lecture, individual mentors and tutorials, and monthly progress reports.

Many high-school-age students enroll in our online, Great Books Program, which is fully described on this website under the tab of that title. Though the Great Books Program is interdisciplinary (and the books include much literature, philosophy, theology, history and political science-often contained in the same book), they do not include specific, systematized courses in math, the natural sciences, English language arts, music, art, or foreign languages. To take those specific courses students may either enroll in our homeschool program which is not online, but is done at home, offline, in the usual homeschool manner (with some optional online courses available), or, now they may enroll in the Greats Honors Program, which provides all of those specific courses online. Both approaches offer all courses that are required for an Angelicum Academy diploma. Greats allows students to view specific online course lectures in categories of math, science, philosophy, history, English language arts, art, music and philosophy, theology, foreign languages. See curriculum chart HERE. The diploma for the Greats Honors program identifies the graduate as a Greats Honors Program graduate and is sealed with the Greats Honors Program seal: