Students may quit at any time, with no further financial obligation; however payments already made (monthly or per semester) are nonrefundable (except for the five Holy Apostles College & Seminary courses: Holy Apostles grants tuition refunds to students who have officially withdrawn from class(es) on the following schedule: Prior to first day of classes, 100% refund; by the first Friday of classes, 75% refund; by the third Friday of classes, 50% refund; by the fifth Friday of classes, 25% refund; after the fifth Friday of classes, no refund.
What this means for A.A. track students is that when they decide to take the five Holy Apostles courses in 11th and/or 12th grade, or later,  the foregoing Holy Apostles refund policy applies to those courses only, and only for the portion of the $350 monthly payment or that portion of the $ 1,875 Semester payment that applies to those courses. To calculate that amount you would need to contact us.