Yes. A.A. track tuition is either $350 per month (40 months/10 per year) or $3,500 per year (a student taking two years of the Great Books simultaneously “doubling up”- would pay $700 per month, or $7,000 tuition that year). Tuition for the four years in the A.A. track totals to $14,000 for the entire A.A. program. If a student completes the program in less than four years they will have a balance due of the difference between what they have paid and the appropriate total below, which balance must be paid before they can receive a transcript, diploma or degree.

Students who transfer in to the Angelicum Academy or who otherwise earn the 60 credits required for the A.A. degree (which must include 15 credits from Holy Apostles College) in less than the normal four years (8 semesters) would pay the total tuition before they can receive a transcript, diploma or degree, as follows (as indicated by the number of the eight Great Books Program semesters enrolled in): 2 semesters (a minimum) – $7,000; 3 semesters – $9,000: 4 semesters- $10,000; 5 semesters – $ 11,500; 6 semesters -$12,500; 7 semesters- $13,500. [Prices subject to change without notice.]

Here is a list of the maximum possible credits (via Great Books-6 credits per semester; Theology Online- four 3-credit courses; and five Holy Apostles courses) that could be earned in 8 semesters or fewer by  Angelicum Academy students (without any “doubling up” of Great Books classes) and the total tuition for each.

Semesters          Maximum Credits Possible         Tuition        Cost per Credit Hour
      2                                 36                             $  7,000                $ 194
      3                                 45                             $  9,000                $ 200
      4                                 51                             $10,000                $ 196
      5                                 57                             $11,500                $ 202
      6                                 63                             $12,500                $ 198
      7                                 69                             $13,500                $ 196
      8                                 75                             $14,000                $ 187
[Note: Only Juniors and Seniors may take the Theology Online and/or Holy Apostles courses.
Permission is need to take more than two Holy Apostles courses per semester.