No. Assuming you earn 75 college credits, here is how that works: we total all payments made for the Great Books courses for college credit, and any payments for our Theology Online courses, and credit those towards the AA track total. Any discounts previously received are counted towards the AA track total, that is, they are added into the total paid. The balance needed to reach the AA track total cost of $15,000 is then scheduled for payments (based on the estimated time to finish the AA track courses), or paid in full.

So for example, if you have completed 3 years of the Great Books program and paid $9,000, then you would need to schedule $6,000 in payments to complete the AA program. The monthly payments for the AA track are $ 375 x 10 months = $3,750, leaving a balance due of $ 2, 250 at the end. You may, of course, simply pay an extra $225 per month the final/4th year, and have no balance sue at the end.

Another example: You have completed all four years of the Great Books program and three of the Theology Online courses paying a total of $13,000 after receiving $1,000 in various tuition discounts. The $12,000 paid + the $1,000 in tuition discounts = $13,000 in credits towards the AA program, leaving a balance for it of $2,000. You can pay this at the end or simply increase your monthly payments by $200 per month and have no balance due at the end.

If you earn less than 75 college credits, you pay less- please see FAQ #45 for that information.

Please contact us with any questions.