The Greek Year is simply the first year of the Great Books Program. We allow 9th graders/14-year-olds to take the course, which is why it is listed at 9th grade, but it could be listed at any grade above 9th as well.  After nearly two decades fr doing so, at the advice of Dr. Adler, we can confirm that 9th graders can do the course even though it has been recommended for college-level credit by the American Council for Education (ACE CREDIT). Our oldest students was 87. We have had numerous students in the higher high schools grades, college students and adults take the same courses. The faculty are generally professors or experts in the books being read. We have two moderators per class, with rare exceptions. The books themselves are timeless and ageless, containing material and questions that challenge students-thinkers of all ages. No doubt the older students tend to get more out of the books, and classes, but every student profits from sharing the thoughts of the greatest sages of mankind. So we encourage every student to begin with the Greek Year.