Angelicum Academy – Holy Apostles Partnership Degree Plan Checklist
AA in Theology Degree – With Fr. Fessio’s Theology Courses

Name:                           Transfer Credits:


The Angelicum Academy AA Track allows students to transfer 45 credits towards their Associate of Arts degree in Theology at Holy Apostles College & Seminary.  Holy Apostles College & Seminary identifies 5 courses as per the partnership agreement for the students to complete their AA degree successfully.


Courses Taken at Angelicum Academy

Minimum Transfer Credits Needed = 45

Courses Taken at Holy Apostles

Minimum Credits = 15 (5 Courses)

Great Books of the Ancient Greeks I DTH 101 Fundamental Theology (Fall)
Great Books of the Ancient Greeks II MTH 300 Moral Theology (Spring & Summer)
Great Books of the Ancient RomansSelect one of the following courses:
SAS 300 Wisdom Literature (Spring)
MTH 425 Theology of the Body (Spring)
Great Books of the Ancient Romans to Early Middle AgesSelect one of the following courses:
PHS 121 Logic (Fall & Spring)
PHS 450 Ethics (Ethics)
Great Books of the High Middle Ages to RenaissanceSelect one of the following courses:
SCM 101 Mathematics among the
Liberal Arts (Fall & Summer)
SCM 201 Physics* (Spring)
SCM 220 Chemistry* (Summer)
SCM 301 Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall)
Great Books of the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Great Books of the Enlightenment to the Modern Era
Great Books of the Modern Era
Fr. Fessio – Revelation and Christology*
Fr. Fessio – The Creed*
Fr. Fessio – Jesus of Nazareth
Fr. Fessio – The Liturgy
* Optional 1 credit labs are available for SCM 101 Physics and SCM 220 Chemistry.  They are not a requirement to complete the AA track, but rather an available option.  Students taking the 1 credit lab would complete the AA track with 16 Holy Apostles credits.



A minimum of 60 credits is required to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Theology from Holy Apostles.

45 Angelicum Academy Credits + 15 Holy Apostles Credits = 60 Credits total.

Students will work with their Angelicum Academy Primary Advisor to identify which courses they must take each semester.  Angelicum students are able to enroll in 1-2 courses at Holy Apostles per semester if desirable.

Upon completion of the Angelicum Academy – Holy Apostles Partnership AA Track, students may seamlessly transfer into a Bachelor of Arts degree at Holy Apostles with a single or double-major.