Enrollment Tuition Chart 2020-2021Annual Tuition10 Monthly Payments Annual Tuition with Payment in Full 5% Discount*Annual Tuition for Siblings* (30% Discount)10 Payments
w/Family 30% Discount
Payment in Full (5% Discount) with Family 30% Discount
Homeschool Program www.academybookstore.org
Grades Nursery-K$55n/an/a$38.50n/a
Grades 1st-12th $250n/an/a$175.00n/a
Greats Honors Program*$950$95$900$670$67$635
Great Books Program
High School Track$1295$129$1230$906$91$861
College Credit Track$2995$299.50$2845$2096$210$1991
Associate's Degree Track $3500$350.00$3325 $2450$245$2327
Socratic Discussions
3rd & 4th Grades$445$44.50$425$311$31$295
5th & 6th Grades$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
7th & 8th Grades$595$59.50$565$416$41$396
Grades 3-6 for Children$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Ethics (Any Grade 7-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Socratic Logic (Any Grade 8-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Academic Writing From the Ground Up (Any Grade 8-12)$495$49.50$470$346$35$330
Some of the figures above vary a little due to rounding.